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About Us

Our Original Sketch Postcard Story

Kevin M. Haynes, MBA is the CEO of, an innovative website for families affected by incarceration, started in 2012 while Haynes was a MBA student at Boston University’s Graduate School of Administrative Sciences. Kevin enables the friends and family of inmates to send custom postcards to their incarcerated loved ones. He is an advocate for prison reform, and a former high school art teacher who uses his creative talents to spread his message of therapeutic justice via illustrated postcards intended to inspire inmates.

Our latest and most popular card, the Sketch-Kyte™ postcard represents a collection of hand-drawn illustrations inspired by doodles from Haynes’ personal sketchbook. The artwork depicts images that are designed to involve the offender in the creative process by suggesting original themes that the user completes by drawing/sketching/coloring directly on the front of the postcard! Of course, Kyte cards are delivered inside envelopes so they can easily be mailed to others.

The spirit of innovation doesn’t just derive from nowhere. It is molded and refined with time and, as in the case of Kyte cards, by a man who established a vision. Kyte cards are real postcards for real prisoners designed with the spirit of love, integrity, passion, and the willingness to take risks. There is no such thing as a new type of postcard. But it is important to point out that the man who invented the online inmate postcard and who has been most influential in this new market is evident. Kevin Haynes occupies that position. That is why I am convinced that Kevin will ship inmate postcards to inmates for evermore.