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Our Faith

The Kyte Post

By Kevin Haynes, Kyte Founder and CEO

Sunday, July 17, 2016
Kyte Post Section: The Kyte Post

Have you ever watched a High School wrestling meet and noticed when one team is within one match of tying the score with the clock winding down, that the level of intensity sometimes goes way up for both teams? For the leading team, success is within minutes away. For the losing squad, failure is suddenly more a reality than it was just moments earlier. Even the crowd is much more engaged in the match. Why is it when success or failure is upon us, either in sport or in life, we sometimes suddenly feel the need to go all in?

I believe that the individuals or teams who consistently commit to achieving success are the ones who usually achieve it - whether they have a whole period to score or only one second on the clock. But everyone says that they’re committed to achieving success. After all, who wants to lose?

What eventually separates the winners from those who flop? All things considered, the answer is simple: faith.

To me, faith is the concentration needed to continue working toward an end, no matter how difficult the mission. Faith is built upon mettle, drive, and persistence. I have often seen in my life where the primary reason a teammate didn’t accomplish a major goal is not because they were facing adversity, but rather because they didn’t believe that they could overcome that adversity. When your self-confidence is fading and loss is moments away-that’s where faith will help you perform at your best.

Even the most gifted, accomplished and exceptional people cannot achieve success in life without faith. Great achievements don’t happen unless you know your plan is strong and are determined to see it finished.

In the correctional services environment, I have seen firsthand in my career where determination was what helped keep me and my vision moving forward. Innovation, and a commitment to evolve the common postcard into the Kyte sketch postcard, plus faith, is how we came to be.

But I have also seen where we have been required to have faith in our clients. It usually easier to give up on partners, than it is to be definite. It is our responsibility to help them see that providing support and sending postcards from and supporting families are what they should be doing. We must model faith for them through our commitment to excellent service.

I hope our team wants to rely on faith to find ways to get better at designing successful products for our customers. I hope we can be original, creative and unafraid to try. Success is only one match away, if you’ll just stay faithful.

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