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Real Friends

The Kyte Post

By Kevin Haynes, Kyte Founder and CEO

Sunday, July 17, 2016
Kyte Post Section: The Kyte Post

There comes a time when the friends and family of the incarcerated have to decide just what kind of friend they want to be. Some of us make a conscious choice to be distant, and some of us are just friendly people.

But regardless of what type of relationship you wish to maintain, it is entirely up to you to decide if friendship is something you want to acknowledge or treat as an inconvenience. This is what separates the great family and friends from the average ones.

You might be thinking, “Kevin, I want to show my support, but I don’t have time to write. How can I find a better way?” And I completely understand why someone might have these thoughts. I would tell you that supporting an inmate is about more than just writing letters or sending money.

Every day that you are reminded of that person is an opportunity for you to prove your friendship. For example, when you are having a cup a coffee and you find yourself thinking of your loved one, this is an opportunity for you to be a good friend by sending a Kyte sketch card. Make Kyte cards a habit. This habit along with patience, discipline and determination will redeem all mistakes in time. When Kyte cards are used to uplift and everyone comes together in unity and love, you have done your job as a friend. This is how you can be a friend with honor and assurance.

Remember that even if you don’t send a postcard to an inmate today, there might come a day when you do. The individuals who succeed as true friends tomorrow are those individuals who lead by example today. Take this to heart when you are dealing with your loved one, their friends and family, and anyone else you may encounter during your life.

For the friends and family of inmates, who support their incarcerated loved ones, there are some things I want you to remember:

  • 1. Inmates appreciate being appreciated-take every opportunity you can to celebrate the good things your loved ones are doing. One day when they are in their cells, they will remember the feeling they had when they received the positive feedback, and will hopefully also take the time to tell you themselves that they appreciate you.
  • 2. Trust your loved one and empower him with the confidence he needs to become a productive member of his community. While it is important that as a family member and friend that you are always ready to help when needed, you also need to learn to trust that he is capable and trustworthy. Empower them with responsibilities, and don’t be quick to doubt them when things don’t go exactly right. Be a rock for them.
  • 3. Know your loved one. What is his passion? When is his release date? We should always do our best to encourage him to pursue his skills and chase his goals.
  • 4. Be a compassionate. When you make sacrifices for your loved one, they’ll recognize it and appreciate it. Keep an open mind with a humble heart. They will remember you as a person who cared.

These are exciting times for KyteSketch as we spread the news about our new website and products, and touch the lives of even more inmates. Thank you for being a friend in the Kyte family and for all you do to stay connected with your loved ones.

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